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Immerse yourself in the language with topics you’re passionate about for pleasurable and fast learning.
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+200 crafted topics.
Text & video.

Turn your everyday reading and viewing interests into language lessons by enjoying them in the language you're mastering.

Learn a language with your favorite Topics

Study using different formats: from videos to articles and more.
Text Topics

Beyond Textbook Learning

Move past dry textbooks and explore interesting topics complemented with audio and word translations.
Video Topics

Engage fully with visual immersion

Notice every gesture, catch each mouth movement, and connect visuals seamlessly with spoken words.
AI Topics

AI crafted articles for personalized learning

Generate articles tailored to your language level and using the vocabulary you're actively learning.

Easily understandable content

Our content is crafted to be easy to understand, supporting your language learning journey.

Rich stories, simple words

Every topic can be told with simple words, letting you dive into interests even with limited language knowledge.

Approximate number of words you need to know to understand content in Topics










Gestures, drawings and context

Contextual learning helps words stay in our memory longer than direct translations.

Subtitles with translation

By simply tapping on a word, you can reveal its translation. This is an excellent method to clarify unfamiliar vocabulary.

Watch your progress one word at a time with the wordline

Every completed topic counts the words you've read or listened to, bringing you closer to fluency.

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